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April 08 2017

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No matter what is happening, even if it feels like your world is crumbling, you can always count on the stars to be there.

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June 19 2015



She’s Mary, Queen of Scots. I wouldn’t like to guess what she would do.

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June 12 2015

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June 11 2015

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June 02 2015

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May 31 2015


17 Ships That Drive Us Crazy13. Frary - ReignThough there is an equal divide in shippers for Mary with Bash and 
Frances, she is currently married to Frances. The two of them have 
always had a steamy connection and have locked lips several times and 
much more. Will their romance continue to fizzle?
[Source : http://www.tvfanatic.com/slideshows/17-ships-that-drive-us-crazy/page-3.html]
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May 26 2015

May 17 2015

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May 08 2015

Her majesty,queen Elizabeth
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May 02 2015

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Francis being a bitch to mary cause she deserves it. 
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If anyone still ships Mondé at this point, I’m giving up on the world and moving to Mars.

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"Francis tolerates me in my duty as Queen but their is nothing left of our marriage to salvage” -Mary Queen of betrayal 
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